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Monday, July 4, 2011

DIY Chair Signs

I've seen a bunch of different ideas for the chairs of the bride and groom at the reception.  


I thought the letters were pretty good, but I still wasn't really set on anything.  Then I saw these:

Frickin adorable!  I'd seen the crackle paint on other things and I was just itching for something to use it on!  So, I stopped my Michael's and picked up my supplies and then I got started.  I did the one side on one night and then I did the back side the next night (to make sure that each side was dry).  On the second night, I also drew in the "Mr." and the "Mrs."  

As usual, they aren't perfect, but I love them.  :)  I'm working on a tutorial, but that will have to wait for another night.  I've got other things to show you tonight!

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