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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Meet Oveta Culp Hobby

Yesterday, I was determined to finish the invitations.  So, after work, I stopped by the post office.  I had a full invitation with me to weigh.  If the price would have just been determined by weight, the invitations would have only cost 64¢ to ship.  However, because my invitations are so thick, (ribbon + wax seal = expensive thickness) they will cost 84¢ to ship.  Yuck!  

But, I sucked it up and just bought the stamps I would need to mail these suckers.  Almost $60! I was upset that it's so stinkin' expensive, but I was excited to be one step closer to getting the invitations out of my house.  The lady at the post office was really sympathetic -- apologizing for the cost and assuring me that when I finished, she would hand cancel the invitations herself to make sure that they don't get torn up in mailing.  

My only option for the stamp is this beauty:

That, my friends, is Oveta Culp Hobby.  She was the first secretary of the US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare as well as the first commanding officer of the Women's Army Corps.  However, most importantly, the colors on her stamp match really well with our invitations (gotta have priorities here!)!  And that's fantastic news since she's my only option -- unless I went the more expensive route and had stamps custom made.  I might have done that but I don't have the patience to wait for custom stamps at this point.  I'm just ready to get them out of my house!

Unfortunately, I still was unable to finish the invitations last night.  I would have, but I ran out of stamps for the RSVPs.  You see, in my bride brain haze, I forgot to pick up 44¢ stamps for the RSVPs when I picked up the invitation stamps.  I think I was just in shock at the expense of the 84¢ stamps.  I did have some stamps leftover from the STDs and a few other random stamps in my house, so I was able to finish most of the invitations.  However, about ten of our RSVPs have holiday stamps on them -- HA!  They just have pine cones and snow on them so it's not like they scream "Merry Christmas!"  I figure that people probably won't notice.  So, oh well.  

Anyway, I've still got about 15 RSVPs to stamp before I can put the wax seals on the envelopes.  Then I'll just stuff them into the outer envelopes, seal them up, and they'll be on their way to their new homes.  :)  It should be another hour of work, tops.  

Since I don't get home from work until 4:00 and the post office closes at 5:00, I'm not sure if I'll get them in the mail tonight (since they have to be hand cancelled).  I'm hoping so, but I will be okay if I have to wait until tomorrow to get them mailed.  I'm just so excited to be so close to finished!  

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  1. Haha - wow I had no idea how difficult the postage situation might be! Ugh! Thanks for sharing!!


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