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Friday, July 8, 2011

The not very interesting things that I have been working on... ;)

I'm sorry that I've been away for most of the week.  I just haven't really been working on anything blog-worthy.  I've mostly been doing research on where to get the best deals on things like envelopes and stamps, etc.  


I've also been working on my wedding packet.  It's all of the information that the VIPs will need: timelines, contact information, duties, etc.  I took my inspiration from Weddingbee.  Mrs. Daffodil had a template available and I revamped it to fit my needs.  I've just got a few tweaks left and then it will be done.  Well, done until we get closer to the big day.  Then I'll be able to make sure no changes need to be made and I can send it out to all of my wedding VIPs (wedding party, parents, readers, etc.).  

I'm sure that people will think that I'm crazy for as much detail as I've gone into, but I like to be prepared!  

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