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Monday, July 18, 2011



I've had a number of questions asked repeatedly, so I'd like to dedicate a post to answering them (not that I don't enjoy answering all of your comments and emails!).

How did you do the monogram (most often asked about for the aisle runner)?
I actually got the monogram from wedding chicks:

I filled out the info and they sent me a .png file and I just cropped it down to the monogram and saved as a .jpg file.  And then I could use it for whatever I wanted.  I'm using it for the aisle runner, the invitations, the save-the-dates, and a few other wedding items.  

Where did you get the wood for the Mr. & Mrs. chair signs?
I actually picked them up from Michael's.  They were 99¢ each.  The ones I used are 5" x 7" in a sort of plaque shape, but they come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes (the larger ones are a little more expensive and the smaller ones are less expensive).  

How did you get the photos to print correctly on the vellum paper for the table number luminaries?  
I have no idea.  Ha!  I didn't realize that this was something difficult to do.  I printed 3 to a page (4" x 6" photos).  I used my Brother DCP-7020 laser printer.  It only prints in black and white, but that was all I needed for these since I just needed a sort of shadow for the light to glow through.   

What fonts are you using?
This is mostly about the aisle runner.  For our names, I used Edwardian Script and for the dates, I used Copperplate Gothic.  Those are the main two fonts that I have used for everything from the Save-the-Dates to the invitations.  For the I Spy photo scavenger hunt, I used many different fonts.  In this order: Scriptina, BadaBoom BB, Girls are Weird, Ravie, gitchgitch, Sketch Block, Curlz MT, EraserDust, Gunplay, Amorino Beta, Burrito, Honey Script, Chicken Butt, Carnivalee Freakshow, Airplanes in the Night Sky, Evanescent, Nashville, Alice in Wonderland, Boingo, Riesling, Frosty, Harrington, Porky's, Loki Cola, and Clubland.  They were either already available on Microsoft Publisher or I downloaded them from  

Are you using a high temperature glue gun or a low temperature glue gun?  
This is most often asked about the photo frame card box or the sand ceremony frame.  I use a high temperature glue gun, but I don't honestly think it matters.  You should be able to use either one.  Either way, be very careful!  

How long did the Baby's Breath bouquet/boutonniere last?  
That's a good question.  I can't really answer though.  Because they are still awesome!  Well, that's not exactly true.  I broke down the bouquet to use in the centerpiece mock-ups.  It dried beautifully.  All on it's own.  I didn't actually do anything to it.  After I did the mock-up bouquet, I sat it in a glass and left it there.  And then forgot about it for several weeks.  Ha!  And it looks pretty close to the same dried as it did fresh.  I still strongly encourage using Baby's Breath!  :)

I hope that answers some questions.  If you've got any others for me, just let me know!  I always enjoy feedback from my readers.  :)

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