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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vanilla Favors: Phase 1

The bottles for the vanilla favors arrived today.  I was a little disappointed.  When I opened the first box:  

I found two bottles were cracked.  Then I opened the rest of the boxes and found four more bottles with cracks.  Not only that, but several bottles had chips out of them.  The boxes were packed just terribly.  There was bubble wrap in with them, but not enough to keep the bottles safe.  So, I emailed Save-On-Crafts tonight to let them know my disappointment.  I am hoping that they will make it right.  

Anyway, on to making the favors!  I took the labels off the bottom (by far the worst part of this process! lol) and then washed the bottles.  Then I sliced the vanilla beans.

I just sliced once down the center of each bean so that the vodka could mix with the good stuff in the center.  :)  Then I stuffed 2 beans in each bottle. 

Then I poured vodka into the bottle. 

Then I put the corks back in and gave the bottle a good shake. 

So, there you have it.  The start of our vanilla favors.  You can already see the vodka starting to darken and the photo was taken maybe a minute or two after adding the vodka.  Now I have to shake the bottles once every week or two until it's time for the wedding.  By that time, they should be about done!  :)


  1. Looks like another DIY project that we are going to steal from you! Hope you don't mind!

  2. Not at all! If no one ever "stole" ideas from anyone, I wouldn't have done the projects that I did! That's why I have a blog; to help give some wedding inspiration (and advice/help!). After all, I've had a good bit of help along the way!

  3. Okay so break it down for us...

    There are so many different varieties and grades of beans! What kind did you buy for this? How much did you buy and how many bottles will it yield?

    so many questions....

  4. Actually, I just posted a blog about this!


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