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Friday, June 17, 2011

How did this happen?!?!

We are now at 99 days to go.  We are officially in only double digits.  DOUBLE DIGITS I TELL YOU!!  It makes me a little queasy to think about it.  When we started, we had 406 days before the wedding.  It seems like that was just last month!  Ahhhh!
I know that everything is coming along really well.  However, I've started having mini-freakouts about "what if I've forgotten something??"  Or "what if it doesn't turn out how I want it to??" Or "what if I run out of time??"


I know that everything will be perfect, but that doesn't seem to make any difference when it comes to the butterflies in my stomach.  They still aren't sure of what I'm trying to make myself believe!  

I've started working on my to-do list for July/August and August/September.  It's overwhelming to think of how much I still have left to do.  At least most of it is pretty simple stuff.  I can do this!  I can do this!  I can do this!  

Okay.  End panic!  :)


  1. Just to put it out there, I had the same worries as you are having. I made many lists and was pretty organized throughout our planning. When the two-three weeks until, and even the week before the wedding came around I was a nervous wreck. I stressed about every little thing. I was no longer worried about the lists, and those projects that still needed to get done well, a lot of them just didn't get done.

    I have some 'regret' not getting some projects I really wanted to do done, and there are definitely things that weren't what I expected (i.e. our photographer didn't get a lot of the detail shots I really wanted and even requested of her, and lots of little things), but... in the grand scheme of things, our wedding day was very nice and I have a lot of beautiful memories that I will cherish forever! :)

  2. p.s. I forgot to say congrats on making it to the double digits! :) Enjoy this time! It goes by SO fast!


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