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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If April showers bring May flowers, what do June showers bring?

A ton of fun and lots of awesome gifts!  Ha!  

My bridal shower was this past Sunday.  My mom and my sister (MOH) threw it for me at my mom's house.  I didn't really know what to expect.  I've never been to a bridal shower (I'm the first of my friends to be getting married).  I was a little nervous...

My sister was a little panicky right before guests started arriving.  She said, "What happens if no one shows up?"  She's a real optimist, that one.  ;)  I told her, "I guess the three of us will have a whole lot of cake to eat by ourselves!"  

It turns out that she worried for nothing.  Almost everyone that they invited came for at least a little while.  The shower guests mostly consisted of my Indiana family.  We played a few games and had snacks and cake.  

The first game was a pop quiz about the bride -- Me!  It was actually really hard.  I told Mom that I didn't think she could answer most of the questions!  A few were easy: my favorite color, my middle name).  But, a few were really hard: my favorite song, what month I met the groom).  There were 16 questions.  There were about 5 people who tied for the winner.  They got three questions right.  Yeah, you read that right.  Only THREE!  ha!  I told you that quiz was hard (If you're curious, the complete quiz is here)!  

Then we played a word jumble of common wedding words.  There was a tie for the winner in that game as well.  However, the winner got 16 out of 17 right on that!  I missed one of the questions... the answer was marriage!  ha!  If you're curious about that one, you can find it here.

Next, there was a memory game.  My mom put a bunch of things on a tray and people got a few seconds to look at the tray.  Then they had 2 minutes to list everything they could remember.  I think the winners only missed an item or two.  It was tricky though!

Then it was time for cake!  It was pretty good.  We got it from Fingerhut Bakery in Bass Lake, Indiana, if you're curious.  We were all a little disappointed because they spelled Philip's name wrong (put 2 Ls in it) even though Tonya told them that it was only one L.  Oh, well. 

Then it was present time.  I wasn't expecting a whole lot.  I was mostly excited just to get to see some of the family that I don't get to see a whole lot.  I was thoroughly surprised!  I got a ton of stuff off our registries.  It was a little overwhelming!  
But, enough chatter, bring on the photos!

Tonya taking around the memory tray.

The little ones telling secrets.

Two of my aunts discussing how hard the quiz was!

Another little one (and our snacks!).

The cake with the misspelled Philip.

Getting ready to open presents.  Tonya was my scribe.

Guests getting some snacks.

Opening presents!

More presents!

Some of the guests.

Opening another present.

Cards galore.

The gift from my FMIL.  Thanks, Kim!

Operation: Gift Opening -- Complete!
When the gifts were all opened, we spent some time just chatting.  After a while, the guests started to leave and then we did the clean-up.  

I cannot even describe how pleasantly surprised I was with my bridal shower.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I cannot thank my mom and my sister (mostly my mom! ha!) enough for putting one on for me.  :)

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