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Friday, June 24, 2011


The fact that there are only three months to go until the wedding makes my stomach jump up into my throat.  I feel a little dizzy/nauseous about it.  There is still a bunch to get done.  At least I had a productive month.  I've got another to do list for this month as well.  

I will finish the following items by July 24th:
  • Ask people to be readers at the ceremony
  • Belly bands for the invitations
  • Buy address stamps 
  • Buy stamps for invitations & R.S.V.P.s
  • Buy tour package for honeymoon
  • Complete ceremony playlist
  • Complete cocktail hour playlist
  • Complete dinner playlist
  • Complete the popcorn part of the favors
  • Complete wedding packet (with schedule)
  • DIY "reserved" signs for ceremony
  • DIY flower girl basket
  • DIY Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • DIY Ring bearer box
  • DIY signs for bride and groom chairs
  • DIY thank you parasol
  • DIY wooden signs
  • Figure out wish jar (?)
  • Finish DIY guest book
  • Mail out invitations by July 30 (might run into next month's to do list)
  • Order dinnerware
  • Order envelopes for invitations & programs
  • Order headband/tiara
  • Order jewelry
  • Purchase or DIY veil
  • Put together VIP ladies' bags
  • R.S.V.P.s for the invitations
  • Reserve wedding night hotel room
  • Stuff envelopes and put on wax seals

It's pretty overwhelming.  I keep telling myself that if I get all of this done in the months prior, I won't have to stress so much in the month before the wedding.  It's just going to be a little extra stressful this month and next month.  ;)

This weekend, I am just going to relax.  I had to run myself ragged to get almost everything done for this past month's to do list.  You wouldn't believe how much time goes into making those damn pocketfold invitations!  It's not difficult but it takes forever!  

I think that most of the items on this month's list should be fairly simple.  Again, probably more time consuming than complicated.  But, I'm ready!

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  1. So much, wow! I remember having a to-do list a mile long too! You'll get everything done if you just prioritize your time and get help! :)

    I just changed my blog name,

    Hope you'll continue to follow!


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