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Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet our DJ

No, not the handsome man in the photo... the Bose SoundDock 10.  Yep.  We will be rockin' an iPod wedding reception.  

I know that some people have done this with great success and others have failed miserably.  I am going to try to make our reception to be the former.  ;)

Philip has wanted a Bose for a long time.  So, instead of spending several hundred dollars on a DJ that we will use once, we bought the Bose (on sale, I might add) so that we can use it even after the wedding.  Actually, we bought it in September and we've used it a lot since then!  It sits in our living room and I use it while cooking, cleaning, and while just hanging out.  

It's actually pretty awesome.  And it can be really loud!  So, we know there won't be any issues with sound for the big day!  The only issue is that I have to come up with all of our music.  But, I'm not seeing this as a huge problem.  It just means that we will know for sure that we will like all of the music being played at the reception!

I've been thinking for months about what music should be played.  I've already got a list started of the oldies (but goodies) I want played.  However, the main part of the work will be done in the month before the wedding.  I want to make sure that the songs I pick for the wedding are still going to be popular and not already overplayed!  

It should be interesting.  Wish me luck!  :)

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