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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My First Dress Fitting!

First, let me say this:  Kim, you can blame my mom for the fact that there are no photos.  ha!  We forgot the camera! Sorry!  

I really wish we could have taken some pictures of me in it though. It's really hard to tell what the dress looks like when you're in it!  And, the one time we were in front of the full length mirror, I was mostly looking at the bottom of the dress to determine how long it needed to be.  Oh, well.  Only 102 more days until I'll be wearing it all day long!  :)  

I tried on the dress on Sunday night to see what all would need to be done to it.  Then on Monday morning, my mom, my sister and I drove just a few miles away to get the alterations started.  

She had me try on the dress and we told her what we wanted to happen.  Obviously, the length was WAY too long (even with my 3 inch heels!).  She pinned the dress up a few times to see how high high we wanted it to be.  It ended up at 1/4 inch above the ground.  It is just high enough for me to not be tripping over the dress (and to keep it off the ground a bit), but not so high that anything can be seen under the dress.  

The dress was also too loose through my waist and hips.  So, she is taking that in a bit.  I'd honestly prefer it to be a bit more snug that what we agreed on, but I have to agree that it will be nice to be able to sit and dance comfortably in my dress.  ;)  

The dress has a built in corset back that gets zipped over.  The corset back holds everything up really well, but there was a bit of gap between the dress and the corset back, so she's taking 3/8 inch out of each side of the back of the dress.  

I think that's about it.  The dress is just as beautiful as I remembered it being... except now it mostly fits!  She said that the alterations should be done in about 2 weeks.  I'm a little nervous (mostly because she has to take off a bunch of the beading on the top to be able to alter the dress, and then put the beading back on!), but I know that my baby is in good hands!  

Just as a refresher, here is what my dress looks like:

She's definitely a beauty!  I can't wait for it to be done!  :)

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  1. Oh just.. *sigh*... big fat pouty look! (does that work?)... Ha! Seriously - not a biggie, because now I can be surprised just like everyone else at the wedding!! Okay, I know what it looks like, but not what it looks like made for you! So excited, and can't wait for Philip to see you in it also!


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