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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Luminary Table Numbers

Next, we worked on the luminary table numbers.  Unfortunately, this was a bit more complicated than the Tears of Joy.  

The Dollar Tree here in Colorado has stopped carrying the 4x6 frames that I originally bought for the mock-up of the table numbers.  My mom went to her local Dollar Tree, though, and found black 4x6 frames.  Well, they weren't exactly the same as the ones I had.  They had mats in them.  It wouldn't have been an issue if the mats had framed the photos right... but they didn't.  They cut off too much around the edges of the photos.  And, without the mats, the photos were too small for the frames.  Gah!

So, my mom decided to take matters into her own hands and cut down the mats so that they would fit the photos correctly.  She did an excellent job!  Meanwhile, I took apart all of the frames.  They had some foam things around the edges of the frame and I had to pull it all out so that the photos and mats would fit in the frames correctly.  It was a little time consuming, but both Mom and I prevailed!  

Once we had the frames and mats ready, Mom glued the photos to the mats (gotta love hot glue!) and I glued the mats to the frames.  And here they are in all of their beautiful glory:

We opted to not put them together in their triangle form yet.  They're much easier to transport this way (they're much bulkier when put together!).  And, it's just a few pieces of duct tape that holds them together.  It should take us just a few minutes to get them put together when we're setting up the rest of the tent.  

It feels good to have yet another thing crossed off of my list!  

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