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Friday, June 17, 2011

My list is shrinking!

After a highly productive weekend with my family in Indiana and a few days of productivity back in Colorado, I have a few more things to cross off of my to do list.
Of course, we finished the Tears of Joy and the Table Numbers in Indiana.  And I also got the alterations started on my dress.  

I ordered the gifts for my maids and my flower girl.  They should be here on Tuesday.  I may still pick up a few small items for them, but I think I've got the major ones out of the way.  

I also ordered the groomsmen's ties.  I decided on this one:

I really wanted this one:

But it still isn't in stock.   So, I'm settling.  I think the other one will be cute.  The circles/bubbles on the tie should tie in with the pearls I'm having the girls wear.  

I ordered the photos for the memory book.  I spent $1.95 on 106 4x6 photos, two 11x14 photos (for the house -- not for the wedding) and that's including shipping.  If you'll remember, when PhotoWorks went out of business, I got a $30 credit towards Shutterfly.  And, I used the current free shipping coupon code (SHIP30 -- You have to spend more than $30 to use it).  I should have those next week.  It says June 24th, but last time it took only 2 days to arrive.  Once it gets here, it should take just an hour or two to finish up the memory book.  :)

I also ordered Philip's wedding band.  It should also be here on Tuesday.  I will be sure to take some pictures of it when it arrives and I'll definitely give it a review.  

I am feeling good about how everything is coming along, but I still have a few big things to take care of before the 24th.  I have to pick up some stuff this weekend to work on the centerpieces and the favors.  

The invitations and inserts are all cut out, so I just have to put them all together now.  It should just be one more night of work.  Hopefully I can finish that up on Sunday night when Philip goes to work.  

The guest book will be the death of me.  I am still stumped about what to do with it.  I'm sure I'll figure it out.  I might stop by Michael's this weekend and see if I can get some inspiration.

We still have to book our wedding night hotel.  I'm still trying to decide where we want to be and what will be the best option for us.  I am going to talk to Philip about it this weekend and see if he has any preferences.  Hopefully we will get that checked off the list on Monday or Tuesday.  

And, redoing the dye disaster shouldn't take long.  I just haven't felt like dying my fingers blue recently.  I'm sure it will be the last thing done off of this list!  

lastly, I hope to pick up the ceremony sand this weekend.  I have had some trouble finding sand in the colors I want at the price I want.  I may be doing a little project next week to meet both of my needs.  ** Fingers Crossed That It Works **

Phew!  I'm so close!  I know that it will all be finished in time for my deadline... even if it drives me a little bonkers.  ;)

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