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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The thank you cards are off!

I finished up the thank you cards for the bridal shower.  I think it actually took longer for me to get the printer to address the envelopes than it took to write the thank you cards themselves!  I don't know why I always have such a hard time getting printers to print on envelopes.  

I know I could just hand write the addresses... but, I thought I had subjected these good people to enough of my horribly handwriting in the cards!  

Right before mailing... taken with my crappy cell phone camera.

It feels good to have them done.  It wouldn't normally take that long to finish them, but with all of the other wedding stuff I've been working on (only 2 nights left to finish everything on my to do list!), it took longer than expected.  But, they're done now.  And, they'll be going in the mailbox when I leave work today.  :)  

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