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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ceremony Part IX: The End!

Final Blessing
Jon: Philip and Tara, you have declared your intention and vows before God and this gathering of your families and friends. May the grace of this day carry forward with you all the days of your lives. May you find delight in each other and may your love continue to grow. 

I wish you the strength to be true to the vows you have made here today. May you always have the wisdom to cherish the precious love you share. May you both nurture yourselves and this marriage with acceptance, understanding, cooperation and loving. May the life you share be peaceful, healthy, and filled with blessings and joy.

As the old English blessing declares:
May your joys be as bright as the morning, your years of happiness as numerous as the stars in the heavens, and your troubles but shadows that fade in the sunlight of love.

Beloved God, pour your grace down upon Philip and Tara that they may fulfill the vows that they have made today through their love and faithfulness to each other. Amen. 

Now, it is with great pleasure that I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Buch. Philip, you may kiss your bride. 

To be continued!

Photos courtesy of Howie Hartman of Double H Media.

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