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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wedding Party Photos at the Ceremony Site

Philip's mom and step-dad still hadn't arrived for photos but we made the best of it and got some more photos of us with our wedding party.  

Also, I think everyone in our wedding party learned something valuable.  We all suck at that stupid "jump at the same time" shot that every wedding photographer takes.  Want proof?  See below.

The jump.  The left side is a little delayed.
The landing.  Wow.  We are ridiculous. 
We got a do-over.  It was a little better but we all look ridiculous, I think. 
This would have been the landing, but Aileen got a little overzealous.  Ha!

So, yes, our wedding party wasn't as talented as some for this shot, but at least I get a good laugh every time I look at them!  The part that makes me laugh the most is that Richard, Philip's best man, (the man furthest to the right) always has a super serious look on his face.  The rest of us look silly but he's serious as a heart attack!  Love it!

Photos courtesy of Howie Hartman of Double H Media.

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