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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our First Dance...

After we cut the cake and cleaned up, the caterers dished out cake for our guests while we had our first dance.  It was something that I'd worried a little about before the wedding.  Philip is not a dancer.  He has no rhythm and therefore, he doesn't like to get up and dance in front of people.  So, I had promised him that he only had to do our first dance and another slow dance with me later in the night.  

I also worried because we were just doing the 8th grade slow-dance shuffle (basically just swaying back and forth).  I thought people might get bored of watching us dance and that we'd end up being uncomfortable.  My worries were for nothing.  When we were out dancing, I didn't even think about the people watching us.  I just swayed with my husband and enjoyed the music.  We talked a little and sang along to the song.  It was like we were the only people there.  

Unfortunately, even though I loved this moment during our reception, I kind of hate these pictures.  You'll notice that most of these photos are pink (and even the ones from the previous post about cutting the cake).  Apparently Howie set up lighting in the tent to go off as he took photos.  It caused all of our photos to be pink.  I hate pink.  I'm not girly and there was absolutely ZERO pink in my wedding day.  I wanted it that way.  So, the fact that my reception photos are covered in Pepto Bismol just irritates me to no end.  

My mom said that I can always edit the photos so that they're sepia or black and white.  It's an idea, but I spent *SO* much time trying to make the reception beautiful.  I painstakingly picked out paper lanterns and lighting to make the tent have a beautiful glow.  I couldn't wait to see how the photos turned out.  Our wedding was supposed to be somewhat rustic.  I didn't want it to look like Barbie's dream wedding.  

I seriously wish that Howie would have consulted me about this before covering our reception photos in pink.  It is just disgusting to me.  I mean, what about creams, ivories, and golds screams pink?  What about burlap and books just begs to be covered in cotton candy (which I also hate)?

It's just so frustrating to me that I spent months trying to figure out the perfect lighting to give the tent the perfect glow and Howie ruined it with his pink lights.  I hate it so much.  When I first got the photos back, they actually made me cry.  I couldn't believe that I'd spent so much time and energy getting everything to be perfect for some stupid pink light to ruin it all.  What a waste.

 Photos courtesy of Howie Hartman of Double H Media.

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