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Thursday, December 29, 2011

We Get Our Groove On: Part II

As promised, here are a bunch more photos of us gettin' down and having an awesome time.  Enjoy!  :)

I love this ridiculous picture!  I told Philip that he didn't have to dance if he didn't want to, but he still joined me for Jump Around.
My sister and I dancing with the Best Man -- it's one of my favorite pictures of the night because it's so out of character for him!
Didn't I tell you that the tie would make another appearance?!  My dad decided that ties make better headbands than neckwear.  :)

Despite these pictures also being tainted by the pink, I love them.  It reminds me of how awesome of a time we had.  It was definitely freakin' spectacular. 

Photos courtesy of Howie Hartman of Double H Media.

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