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Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's Get This Show On The Road!

When the last of our guests arrived, it was time to get started!  The VIPs lined up at the back of the aisle with my parents and I taking up the rear.  Guys, I was so excited!  I was just filled with so much happiness.  I was about to walk down the aisle to marry the man that completes my life.  And, I had both of my parents beside me.  It was absolute bliss.  For the moment, I completely forgot about everything that had gone wrong and just focused on everything right. 

The music started and Philip's maternal grandparents walked down the aisle.

Had Philip's paternal grandparents been able to be there, they would have been next.  Unfortunately, Pop-Pop was still in the hospital, so they couldn't make it.  So, next up was Philip's mother and step-father.  

And then Philip's dad and step-mom.  

And then it was time for the wedding party!  First up was the groomsman, Roger, and the bridesmaid, Aileen.  

And then my sister/MOH, Tonya, and the Best Man, Richard. 

And then it was time for the flower girl and ring bearer to walk down the aisle.  Let me just say that I do not regret having Jack at our wedding AT ALL.  He was just so stinkin' cute!

Am I right or am I right?  The flower girl is gorgeous and Jack is just ADORABLE!  I'm so glad we decided to use him as a faux ring bearer.  :) 

Next up, my parents and I make our way down the aisle!

Photos courtesy of Howie Hartman of Double H Media.

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